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St John The Baptist Primary School, Portadown

Healthy Me Workshop - P7

13th Feb 2020

Earlier today Primary 7 pupils enjoyed the "Healthy Me" workshop, delivered by Roisin and Erin from Action Mental Health. This involved exploring our emotions and discussing what "safety net" we have when things worry us - talking to friends, key adults and finding ways to relax.

In these pictures you can see us passing round balls - these represented thoughts. We began with just one, then added more and more, until at times it was hard to keep up! One student described it as "Chaos!" and we also observed that when we became overloaded, we were more likely to drop one of the balls. We discussed how this can be the same when our minds become overloaded or crowded. Gradually we returned the balls to a basket - the safety net. It was a fun way of representing what can happen to us.

We also enjoyed a game of charades to recognise different feelings; we also discussed how sometimes our feelings can be on display, but sometimes they are hidden and we may not know how someone else is feeling - if in doubt, show kindness!

Finally we were given "Five Keys to good mental health" - CONNECT, TAKE NOTICE, LEARN, BE ACTIVE & GIVE.

Don't forget to look at the link to the Children's Mental Health Week website, which is on the homepage, for more resources and information.